Top Ways to Be Professional Using Social Media to Find Your Dream Job


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Millennials starting out that treacherous road of job hunting, beware of social media.

We are the generation that has suckled it from childhood to now. And of course, we are the most technologically adept generation to date with social media and the online world.

Be complacent at your own risk. Despite knowing what each tab does, and how to snap and edit a photo that looks like a pro, many struggle with being professional online.

Heck, many don’t even consider being professional online. However, doing so will put you in the good books of companies and recruiters.

Here are statistics that show why social media is important in your job hunt.

Statistics that bite

  • 84% of millennials have social profiles (source). With smartphone users on the rise, this figure is probably higher.
  • 93% of recruiters and employers use social media in their hiring process (source).
  • Employers will chuck your resume away: 46% because of x-rated explicit content, 41% from alcohol and drug use, 36% when you talk trash about previous employers and 25% if your details such as qualifications are incorrect (source).


Statistics on the flipside

  • 46% of employers are impressed and want to hire you after finding a professional image of yourself online
  • 43% of employers will like you after finding an overall positive image on your social profiles
  • 40% are impressed with a wide range of interests
  • 45% appreciate your correctness in your details and qualifications



What this means for your online activities

Statistics like these are wake up calls for many. Yes, you aren’t the type of person to post comments or images that are embarrassing.

But do you consider what your profiles say about you? What overall image does it tell employers?

Personal branding and content marketing tips aside, you need to learn how you are being perceived. Social media is: invasive, and is used to judge you.

You have to change how you are perceived. Social media, according to professionals and companies is a ‘public domain’. Public, because they can view anything they want. Yes, even your privacy settings mean nothing. Everything has loopholes, and buyers and sellers.


‘Proper’ mindsets to have on social platforms

Whatever you think, social media is a public domain. Your friends and family are part of it, so certain unspoken rules and written rules apply in what you say and do online.

And as employers are on the scene, new rules and mindsets need applying.


Professional Minded Behaviours

If you are serious about using social media for your job hunt, consider behaving differently. You have to change your outlook into a professional one.

Act and behave like a pro online. Think of how you come across in what you do and say.

Example: Don’t ask to connect with other professionals so that you have a professional connection to tout.

Right answer: Tell of who you are, and what you have to offer in your invite. Better yet, look up what that professional needs, or what their company needs. Describe how you could fulfil that need. If not, refer and point to someone that can.

Doing this highlights 2 core points:

You are conscious of how to behave as a professional. Mannerisms aside, you know how professionals operate: there needs to be a value transaction going both ways. It’s not superficial or cold. If you want something, you should expect to give in return.

You know how to help people professionally. If you refer someone that can meet a professional’s needs, you already know the game and are acting accordingly. They won’t see you as a young newbie, but someone that is already a professional.


Examples that you can use now

First off, some well-needed spring cleaning has to happen.

  • Remove explicit and inappropriate content. Comments matter too, so backspace all them swear words or hateful comments.

Pro Tip: Even being remotely connected to inappropriate stuff can be grounds for ignoring your application. Anything that you were tagged in or grouped together has to disappear.

  • Be aware of your digital footprint: When you next feel like bad-mouthing your old boss or gossiping like old fishwives, remember–you are being watched and judged.


Here are ways make social media work for your job hunt.


Changes that need to be made

46% are impressed with a professional image

Spice up your LinkedIn profile. I bet most profiles are dead and updated only when you feel motivated.

Update on a regular basis. It can be two times a week.

Also, check who views your profiles. Ask yourself these two questions: One. Who is viewing my profile? Are they professionals and companies that I am targeting? Two. If yes, or no, how can I change my profile to get better results from the industry I want?


40% are impressed with a wide range of interests

If you have hobbies, post them up if you haven’t. Aim to capture photos that capture what you are passionate about. And have descriptions of what you love and learn from your hobbies.

Example: Volunteering in fundraising. It teaches me how to approach strangers, and talk to various types of people.

Join groups or sites. Anything that you have an interest in that could give you an edge in your job hunt should have footprints online. Employers don’t know, so you have to give them evidence.

Key here is: Having consistent activity. It hampers your efforts, if you joined thirty groups with nothing with substance. Joining five and being active, commenting and joining in will have much more impact.


45% appreciate your correct details

Please at least get your details and qualifications right. You may have forgotten to update a dropped course, or fix graduation details.

Employers don’t know these little mix-ups. All they take from this is: you are both lying and being purposeful about it, or you aren’t someone that is on top of everything.

You don’t want to be labelled with either judgement.


And you shouldn’t.


It’s so easy to pop into LinkedIn and any other profile you use, to fiddle with details. Accuracy is a given for employers so start looking for any flaws in your details.

Also, be consistent. Having details and the same image of yourself across profiles will give consistency to your profiles. You will be:

Recognisable. Professionals who view your profile will see the uniform images and details as consistent and thus correct.

Be seen as professional. Having a uniform image across your profiles will set you up as professional in manner and image.


Final Note

Take action and polish up your profiles. These steps are easy, and you know all the little tips that can make your profile look unique and shine.

Make your social media profiles help your job hunt, not hinder your efforts.


What do you do online to polish your professional image? What tips were helpful?

Please share your insight and advice in the comments below.

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