Recruitment Through the Eyes of Kieralee

We all go through various sites to try and find job search tips.


But instead, how about asking an expert recruiter directly?



Kieralee Harvey

Kieralee Harvey is an experienced recruiter, and current managing director of Harvey Recruitment based in the Hunter Valley.

Specializing in mining, her experiences include Centennial Coal, Xstrata Coal and of course Harvey Recruitment.


Below is Kieralee Harvey’s insight, which she provided in an interview.





What are some of the trends you see happening in recruitment, in particular, social media?


Social media is indeed something we use when selecting candidates predominantly blue collar as it is user-friendly and easily assessable via Facebook and our website.

White collar positions we tend to use linked-in and rely on SEEK with our website.


It’s all about your target, and what platform your candidate pool uses.


What sorts of aspects stand out in your recruiting company, given social skills or soft skills?


Attitude is a big one. Whether applicants show professionalism, and importantly whether they will fit into our client’s company culture. Both need to bond well to work effectively no matter where the position fits into the big picture.


What can millennials do to further their chances?


Do your homework. You need to get the basics down pat. They include:

  • Researching  online about the company. You need to be able to show your interest in that company.  If you want to find out more, or can’t find enough information, call them up and ask.
  • Ask current employees about: employee turnover, business values and mission statements.
  • Understand the position you have applied for and its requirements.
  • Have the relevant qualifications, specific to the job you have applied for.


What can millennials do to help recruiters, so that recruiters can do their best at getting them job offers?


What we do, and what many other recruitment agencies do is provide a form to complete to obtain details about each person and so that we have enough data to make decisions.


Other aspects include:

  • Resumes/cover letters. A well-presented resume with accurate details of responsibilities you are capable of. You need to sell yourself on paper.
  • Attention to detail: Things such as spelling, and wording sentences to make it easy to read.


What career advice can you give to millennials?


You need to see things realistically as you may not walk into your dream job straight away all positions are like a series of experiences, so make the most of every opportunity.

Honesty is the best policy, have values and be passionate about what you do and for the company you are working for. Make an impact by putting your best self forward, you never know where things can lead.

Look for mentors/support people around you to help you achieve your desires.


Thanks Kieralee again for sharing your insight.


What did you think? How is your job search and career goals working out?

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