Pedal Full Throttle Your Career through Promoting Your Company via Social Media

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Do you see your career path in your current industry or role? If yes, that’s great.

How then do you plan on reaching that future? Or elevating yourself even to loftier heights?


The best bet today is to grow alongside your company, by using social media to do so. And millennials are in an excellent position to do so, as they know how powerful social media is, and they know how to use it (being brought up with it).

In the professional world, for both you and your company, being online is essential. If you have no presence, you are non-existent.

Last year, online activity doubled, from approximately 20 to 40 billion actions. Today, having no address to a LinkedIn or social media profile on your business card or emails is rare. Everywhere, professionals and enterprises alike are establishing who they are, trying to gain more attention and interest in what they do.

Brands, relationships, and even business opportunities can be built online, via social media. You can establish new connections, and even meet your core business needs in a matter of moments.


As a millennial seeing the first glimpse of a future career path, there are other ways in which to develop your career, by helping your company grow alongside you. Learning new skills and gaining experience aside, social media is rife with immense opportunity. It literally can’t be ignored regardless, as you can be sure your competitors and rival firms are doing everything they can online to build a presence online.

I’d like to highlight brand building, where it can be broken down into 3 main categories: A brand for your career and job prospects, a humanised company brand, and building connections for the future.

A Brand for your Career and Job Prospects

93% of recruiters have some interaction with LinkedIn, and various social media platforms when looking for potential candidates (source). Rather than spending money on recruitment agencies, HR departments are directly searching online. It is easier, with all the new search tools to churn up every detail of job applicants.

Career growth often follows job hopping, especially for the millennials of today. Growth in terms of learning skills and gaining insightful experience is key, and looking for new jobs that offer each is essential for career growth.

Building a profile on LinkedIn, and having other media platforms support this is needed to help target employment opportunities, where you need to polish your profile to highlight key skills and showcase your experiences.

A Humanised Company Brand

In terms of building a brand, companies fail at this often because they lack a human touch or face. Richard Branson or the late Steve Jobs are perfect examples of brands that mesh with their leaders and employees. The larger than life leaders represent a story, and a human face, making their respective companies approachable.

People would much rather connect with a face, where there is a clear story of who they are, and what they offer. Businesses can benefit from your brand, where you can make clear your role in the company and what you offer as a representative.

Example: Creating content, such as tweeting insightful and useful information on the latest trends and business innovations within your field will create trust not only for yourself but your company.

Core Gains: This will place you as a leader and expert in your field. It will help your company gain personal connections with other professionals and create a community that they can draw upon for professional help and business prospects. Ask for help and show how you are bringing in talent, business and interest for your company, and work together to advance both your career and your company’s growth.

Building Connections for the Future

Looked at askance, this seems pretty obvious. What I would like to focus on is not only gaining new connections through brand building (both your own and that of your company) but endorsing others.

An endorsement is an ideal way of strengthening relationships with existing connections. The reason it is important delved into later, but firstly do it with caution.

Endorsing someone is essentially putting your word and personal integrity on the line.

Don’t: Endorse someone or a company that will portray you in a negative light or isn’t on par with your standards. It will affect your credibility as a professional, and your judgement seen as poor.

Example: There will be companies and professionals that you are on good terms with. They will take up your endorsement and hire or work with a professional or company that you endorse, and have regretful experiences as a result.

Always keep in mind who you endorse, and how it will affect your standing and your company image. If you mesh your brand with your company’s, they will both bag you as not reliable.

Positive Endorsement: On the flipside, endorsing someone or a company that you know is credible and reliable will put you on the right track.

Key Tip: Mention concrete examples and projects, and provide detailed reasons why you endorse them.

Not only will this help your endorsee, but this will put you and your company in a good position as professionals that know the best in their field, furthering your character as an honest and helpful expert.

Connecting for the Future: And lastly, look at it in the long term. By strategically connecting with others and endorsing them, you will create opportunities to work with them, and be endorsed in turn.

In Closing

In the future, you may get your ideal position elsewhere but never forget your previous company and connections. Building a career is as much building healthy relationships, where you will most probably run into old employers, employees and connections if your field is particularly specialised. Your old company can be someone you endorse. You must think about long-lasting relationships. Your brand then will be as a leader in various organizations, that support and endorse you because you made yourself useful as a face and brand for them, both in being a face and being a connector and referrer.

Are you part of your company’s brand? What ways are perfect for your skills/personality?

Please share your insight and experiences in the comments below.

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