Neuvoo: How to Find the Right Jobs

If you are looking for jobs online, where do you look?

Job boards? Company websites?

Ever wish for everything to be in one place, where all the big shot companies and their jobs are accessible at the behest of your fingertips?


Look no further. Neuvoo is a global job board with tons of multinational companies on their site. Also, they are job aggregators.

A question mark may appear in your head, job aggregators? Vanessa Romero from Neuvoo shares her insight in what job aggregators are, and what they can do for job seekers looking for careers abroad.



How to find a job


During the job seeking process, we have always wondered what the best way to find a good, well-paid and full-of-benefits job is.While we are at it, we will find tons of staffing agencies, thousands of job boards, millions of companies. So, how do I find the right job?

There is no right answer to that question because there are just different ways to get to the same objective, so let’s keep going and explain how each of these paths work so you can choose the right one for you.




It is now time to talk about job boards and job aggregators.

First of all, what is the difference between a job board and a job aggregator? Well, there is a slight but important difference.

A job board is a website that has an amount of job postings of their clients, that is, different companies pay different job boards to have their vacancies posted online.

On the other hand, a job aggregator is a website that looks like a job board, but it is not. A job aggregator actually takes vacancies from different job boards, companies’ websites and basically any -real- job site they can find on the web, they are a search engine, but only for jobs, that’s why they have the highest number of jobs on the web.

That could make you wonder: why do job boards continue to exist, if job aggregators have everything in one place? Because most job boards have the niche of good clients, some of them are even specialized and trusted brands. Furthermore, some job boards have candidates’ data bases, making them more appealing for companies and staffing agencies.



how to find a job 2In terms of job aggregators and job boards, where should I look for a job? Well, that is an easy question to answer, a job aggregator will always be the best choice. They have millions of job vacancies in one place and a big advantage is they have the most popular companies and fields indexed.

If your field is less known or requires a high level of studies/experience, and you can’t find what you are looking for in the job aggregator, then you should consider a specialized job boards.




In addition, don’t forget to upload the most updated version of your résumé in the most popular job boards -the ones you trust-so you get more visibility for recruiters and companies’ hiring managers.

Finally, when it comes to job aggregators, always check Neuvoo’s vacancies around the world in the link(s) below!


Your job search starts here:

ArgentinaAustralia | AustriaBahrain| Belgium | Brazil | Canada | Chile | Colombia | Costa Rica | Czech RepublicDenmark | Ecuador | Egypt | Finland| France | Germany | Greece | Hong Kong |  Hungary | IndiaIndonesia | Ireland | Italy | Japan | Kazakhstan Kuwait  | LuxembourgMalaysia | MexicoMorocco  | Netherlands | New Zealand | NigeriaNorway | Oman | Panama | Peru | Philippines | Poland | Portugal | Puerto Rico | Qatar | Romania | Russia | Saudi ArabiaSingapore | South Africa South Korea | Spain | Sweden | SwitzerlandTaiwan | Turkey | UK | Ukraine | United Arab EmiratesUruguay | USA | VenezuelaVietnam


Vanessa Romero / NEUVOO

Country Manager US/CA


Thanks Vanessa for your insight. Please check out Neuvoo and their jobs. Some say all it takes is a click to find jobs. I say make your clicks count, so click on Neuvoo and take advantage of their titanic global reach.


What job sites do you use? Do you agree that job aggregators are the way to go?

Please share your insight and thoughts in the comments below.




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