Know Companies to Know Your Career Prospects Featuring James Smith

How is your career progressing?

You may have lots of New Year resolutions along the lines of, “It’s about time I took my career by the throat!”

A good start is by looking at how organisations are behaving towards millennials.

To start you off, hear what this seasoned recruitment manager had to say.


I had the pleasure of interviewing James Smith. He is the Recruitment Manager at mp personnel and training, known for his relationship-building approach. Below is his bio.



James Smith

James joined the team at mp personnel and training in 2009. Over the past seven years, James has been Partner and Recruitment Manager for the organisation. James is responsible for the management of a team of Specialist Consultants, who deliver; executive, permanent and temporary recruitment services to a wide variety of clients throughout South Eastern Australia. He promotes innovation and change and develops flexible and creative approaches and solutions across the business and his clients.
James is passionate about youth unemployment and skills shortages in regional Australia. He is an experienced Career Development Consultant, working with schools, government and other key stakeholders to reduce the gap in youth unemployment and skills.






Here is what James had to say, in where organisations are at towards millennials.


Where organisations are at today with millennials

I work mostly in regional recruitment. The organisations in regional areas are still catching up on how to hire, manage and retain millennial talent.

For metropolitan areas, they now are conscious of millennials and how to recruit and retain them effectively.


Some of the changes made by organisations today for millennials

Companies are aware of the wants and needs of millennials. Some of the common things millennials want are things such as flexibility, work-life balance, and fast career progression and socially aware corporations. These things are important to millennials, where salary may come second to some. And salary isn’t enough today to retain millennials today.

A big part of how businesses attract millennial talent is in how the craft job advertisements. Before recruitment would be specific to the job and qualifications relevant.
Now, there is a movement where some firms create ‘real estate’ like job posts. Think of how a real estate advertisements. How does it make you feel? Most will have pictures and statements to tell a story about the house, and what it would be like to move in and live your life in that house.

The same can be found in some job advertisements today. It talks of what it would be like to be at that organisation, not focusing solely on what you need to land that job.



Millennials want to be part of organisations that give back to communities. Whether it be money or programmes held to help local areas or society at large, it is a definite plus for millennials. Companies are now investing in these areas.

Some organisations now are being flexible and giving time off for employees to do charitable work.


Career progression is now different for millennials

A significant area that millennials are interested in is how fast the progress in their careers.

Companies that are aware of this have taken steps to keep millennials satisfied. One way they do this is by giving you a new job title.
Instead of leaping up to giddy heights in one go, what organisations do is break up the progression to a higher position into parts.
Before, it might have taken five years to become a project manager. Now there are many steps in between.


For example, you can be promoted to a supervisor to a project coordinator.

As you progress steadily, you gain new responsibilities as well as different and larger projects, not to mention a small bump up in pay.

What this essentially does is two things. One, it keeps millennials interested as they gain higher responsibilities and rewards. Growth happens, and minds are engaged. You get promoted and rewarded consistently if you work hard, and for firms it helps retain talent.
Two, organisations can train and help millennials get ready for greater responsibilities that are inherent in management level positions.
It’s incremental and gradual, but the build-up helps both millennials and companies grow and learn together.


Below is James’ career insight for millennials that want to succeed today.


Career insight for millennials today

People skills or soft skills are vital. Generally speaking, there is a gap appearing with millennials compared to previous generations.
Why is it so important? The biggest business deals made in the world were done through communication and relationships.
Employers and recruiters know this and are afraid of losing out this vital skill. So while you are a whiz with technology which is important, you need to communicate with people and manage relationships as well.

And for interviews, be selective. If you are moving to a new company, ask and find out about the place. The tables have turned, where interviewers are now screen tested by interviewees. Find out if it’s a suitable place for you.


Importantly, learn about other generations and how they are motivated. Baby boomers could most likely be your managers, so learn what their expectations are and what motivates them. Asking for your needs to be met while not understanding their needs isn’t how things work out. It’s part of communication and soft skills.


James’ last words for millennials

Again, understand the different motivators of various generations. You will come across different ages and groups at work. How you manage your relationships and how you communicate matters in your career.

Lastly, don’t lose that fiery passion and creativity. We need you to be the movers and shakers in the world, so continue to dream big.



Thanks again James, for sharing your insight and time. Visit mp personnel and training to learn more about James and how his company helps people realize their recruitment and training needs.


How does your firm promote and motivate employees? What are you doing to fast track your career?

Please share your comments and tips in the comments below.

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