Kick Start your Job Hunt and learn Relevant Skills through Content Marketing

Do you use content marketing to sell yourself?

Are you using content marketing to gain attention, and grasp your dream job?


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Hunting for a job is often a dizzying foray into techniques that can be found by the thousands on the internet. Freshly graduated millennials still do opt for the old resume CV battle plan, trudging in the path carved out by those before.

What does content marketing have to do with this? Well, it relates firstly with your online image-your personal brand.




Personal branding’s place in job hunting

Employers and recruiters aren’t far behind us in using social media. In fact, they get paid to search you up, sifting through everything that is tagged with your name. It’s not rocket science. They simply search you up on popular search engines and social media platforms such as Facebook.

Essentially, what is found is who you are. It doesn’t matter that that you got mug shotted by your friend when you passed out.


Straight off the bat, 46% of employers will cross you out as a job candidate if they find inappropriate content online, 41% will too if it is drug or alcohol related stuff (source).

But I digress. The important fact remains is that you actually ‘have’ an online image. My question is thus: why not create a personal brand online if you are going to be judged anyways?

Personal branding: You get to call the shots. Cleaning up your profiles and having a professional image that is uniform across all profiles will create a brand awareness linked to you.


Content for pushing your personal brand

Content is ‘king’ on the internet is a phrase used a lot. And this true in how it’s reshaping marketing, and how information is channelled and consumed.

Personal branding without content is like a YouTube commercial with nothing but a name and picture. If an ad like this ever popped up, you’d do a double take and wonder, ‘wait… where’s the content? The stuff? What is this about?


You need to create content for your brand to have substance. Personal branding is about telling your unique story, and giving your spin on topics that interest you, or for professionals your expertise and topics within your industry. Content marketing and it’s various techniques help with personal branding, and is inextricably linked.

Example: A short photo compilation of your volunteer experience overseas in Burma.

Having examples of your experiences in a simple photo exhibition is creating content to be consumed. It’s giving substance to your experiences and skills that employers can view and make judgements on whether you have what it takes to work in their company.


Content showcasing your expertise: ‘Gold’ content is when you create content that gives valuable benefit to others. Insightful information that relates to industries is in the top wanted content on LinkedIn, the biggest professional platform in the globe.

Example: Writing brief comments on what is hot in your industry. Being critical and purposeful with what you comment, and having links to sites that support or clarify issues would place you on track.


It can be in the form of:

Infographics: Image based content that makes use of shapes and images to say something. Most have figures and graphs to illustrate points. With cute cartoon figures too.

Slide Shows: Using slides with words and simple images is almost like telling a story. It’s compelling and unique.

Commenting: Tweet and comment much? Answering with insight and backing it up with reason and evidence is key.

Blogging: Article or blog posts are seen as the most comprehensive. Creating expertise via writing is the best way, but writing is not for everyone.


Skills, Personal Branding & Content Marketing? What gives?

Content marketing is one of the best for creating expertise within your specific field. Given, your content must have value. It has to benefit your viewers, whether it be giving clarity in what you have to offer in terms of skills and experience.

Example: Researching a company you’d want to work for, you find that they are involved in charity events to do with fundraising flood affected areas. Raise awareness of this by posting and sharing it with social media, and contact that company. Tell them you are willing to work with them on this event, and illustrate how your skills and experiences can help them.

This example could potentially lead to a warm relationship with the company. It could lead to a meeting, and possible employment or referral to a company that needs someone like you.


But I digress. The point here is that content marketing is not something that can be grasped with ease. It takes work.

I spend on average 3-4 hours, more when I’m free on creating content. Research takes up a lot of time, looking for what to talk about and what is on the minds of my audience.

As I said before, content is king online and is changing the landscape of marketing. It is a skill that is growing in importance and use. Not only are you creating awareness of yourself and your expertise, but:

You are polishing skills in content marketing. Marketing through content is the new black and is growing in importance and used by companies worldwide.

How content marketing is changing in the future

Content marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. It has left in the dust paid adverts, SEO optimisation, social media marketing and a whole heap of other strategies.

Versatility is what makes it so effective and sustainable. Research done by the Content Marketing Institute have pinpointed 8 major goals content marketers have:


Customer evangelism

Customer relationship/loyalty



Brand awareness

Lead generation

Lead nurturing

As you can see, it is now the core strategy used in B2B and B2C marketing. Content is king and is here to stay.

Content Marketing: Market yourself & develop great skills to sell yourself

You benefit from creating content that incites interest in yourself, drawing in employers and companies to see what all the buzz is about.

As an added plus, you are learning a little bit about the new most wanted skill today: content marketing. You can use this to have another skill to market yourself, and have amazing stories to tell at an interview about your content marketing journey.


In Closing

Start now. Content is moving fast, and more people are utilising it to their advantage.

And it doesn’t have to be huge at first. Build up your social media profiles first, and aim to practice what works for you by researching the methods available online. You can invest 1 hour of your time online searching what methods are available, and try to match it to your interests and skills.


What do you publish online, to market yourself? What areas were helpful?

Please share your insight and advice in the comments below.

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