Humanising Personal Branding: Promote ‘You’ to Fast Track Your Career

‘CPA or similar qualifications a must.’ Education is a requirement for jobs, and for career progression.

Yes, getting new qualifications are good strategies to market yourself.

That’s not the whole picture. What many millennials don’t do is branch out.


Let’s switch it around and look at it from another view: what skills are growing, and increasing in importance?IMG_7685

Personal branding is a growing area, where personalities and brands are created online as marketing strategies. Like many experts online, I advocate personal branding as an effective and needed tool for your job hunt.

Content marketing, which embodies all branding, and is the king of marketing in business practices is another core skill area.

Humanising your personal brand is a technique to create content and changes to your brand that makes it more personal and immediate to viewers.

Why I am listing these skills and techniques is because they are not only useful but is the future in online marketing.



Overview of online marketing: Content marketing and personal branding

Creating content, and cementing an online brand as a trusted source is the new black. It’s not a sudden trend that is going to disappear after everyone finds it was all buzz and no substance.

Substance, versatility and measurable outcomes are the bread and butter of content marketing and branding.

Here are some future trends and stats to digest:

  1. Content marketing is on the rise. It has overtaken traditional methods such as: advertisements (commercials, billboards), and old sales generation processes (cold calling, emails).
  2. It is now number one in B2B & B2C marketing. Investments are rising, as much as 15% invested solely for content marketing (source).
  3. Measurable much? There is now methods and software that track and measure ROI. And these findings and methods are increasing in investment and interest.


Relevance key to content & Skills

Let me put it this way. Your skills and experiences are relevant, but not future orientated to what is changing in the business landscape. Do you want to be reactive, or be ahead and in sync with what is happening?

Content marketing, branding and the lot are being used in ways to connect with consumers and people worldwide. Lead generation, customer loyalty, sales, it is taking over how businesses connect with clients and customers.

Everything is going digital, from the billions of smartphone users to company strategies.

Below are the key benefits of content marketing.


A weapon with multiple uses: Content Marketing

If you don’t have an online brand strategy, start now. At the very least, you need to clean up your act on your media profiles.

But for those being proactive with their branding strategy, it has two core benefits.

  1. It will make you rise above the crowd. Also, it points to your relevance in how practices are becoming digitised.
  2. You are essentially developing key experiences and skills within content marketing. Not excited yet? Let me rephrase: You are doing what is changing how marketing is done, how sales are generated. You are more relevant than ever if you stick to it and learn how content marketing is changing and developing.

Congratulations, for those aware and putting content out to the world. If you are learning and posting up content, making yourself noticed, keep going.

If not, you might want to think about joining those that are looking ahead. As I mentioned in point 2, this is another skillset you can tout on your CV. You’ll have an amazing story to tell, of the wild experiences you had in researching and crafting a content powered brand strategy.


Humanising your personal brand: What other benefits?

Making people read and view your content is essential in any branding strategy. Your content needs to feel personal, human. Storytelling, using everyday language are some of the few ways you can achieve creating connections on a personal level.

Many large corporations lack a humanised brand. Investing in brand creation, they create flashy advertisements and have coverage everywhere. The thing is, they come across as faceless, just another corporate machine out to make another sale.

Leverage your employee brand power: I mentioned in a previous article that first as a professional, creating a personal brand outlining your high expertise does wonders for career opportunities and networking. As an employee, adding your brand and meshing it with your company’s brand will help you and your company. Your company get’s a human face, a person that other professionals and customers can connect with.

Adding value to your company will help grow your brand and humanise your company’s brand. Both you and your company will grow, both brands mutually benefiting.

The core here is this: personalising brands using strategy and reason are another skill set. Companies are trying to invest in their employees now, incentivising them to be the face of their brands and develop their own.


By already practicing brand creation and gaining traction online you gain one core advantage:

Online brand and content based marketing. You can showcase your profiles and blogs (whatever form you created awareness and content with) as evidence. Chance is, the company you are applying for probably already know about it–if you targeted them strategically. It’s another core skillset to brandish, and it’s a killer one to have.


The core selling points:

  • You can help with personalising the company’s image. Adding to your brand, and incorporating your brand now as a leading professional within that company will give it the face it needs.
  • With overall content marketing, you will have skills and experiences to showcase. Your online activity will be your skill portfolio. Its can be a supplementary skill set, but one with major impact. Content marketing and branding are at the forefront of marketing and sales, having experience and success with it will set you up as a future orientated professional.


In Closing: The weapon with many uses: Content marketing and personal branding

Personal branding all starts by cleaning up your online profiles. Then comes creating a uniform image of yourself throughout all you use. Whether it be your bio, stories of your experiences all must be kept uniform so that they recognise who you are.

It will not happen overnight. But don’t let it stop you at least taking the first step. Cleaning up your profiles will clear out the inappropriate stuff that employers will use as a reason not to hire you.

Set weekly goals, and create habits to inch towards setting up plans in making content showcasing who you are all about. These are experiences and skills that will not only get you found but will give you skills that are relevant and growing in use and importance.


What do you think? How do you approach marketing yourself?

Please share your opinion and insight in the comments below.

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