How Content Marketing is the Best at Selling ‘You’ in Getting a Job



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Everyone wants to sell themselves.

There are traditional means, and creative ways, such as standing outside a company with a big sign, highlighting your key strengths.

For millennials looking at getting their very first job, selling yourself is paramount.

Ever hear about content marketing?

Content marketing has been on the rise, replacing old ways of marketing.


Rather than selling, content marketing is where relationships are built by providing valuable information and insight to an audience. Industry leaders have done this for decades, by giving their insight at symposiums and lectures.

What makes content marketing different then? SEO & content marketing, in particular inbound marketing (part of content marketing) has increased content marketing’s effectiveness over other means many times over.

Below are the ins and outs of using content marketing today to sell yourself in your job hunt.


SEO Key to Success

Search engine optimisation is all the rage now. Google and other major search engines now have a vast array of algorithms that determine what pops up when you search things up.

It makes sense to optimise terms to match keywords used in searching for particular subjects.

As sites such as blogs were booming and generating tremendous traffic, the natural next step was to optimise key terms to boost further interest.


Inbound marketing: Come hither

People use Google or what have you to search up answers and advice to all their questions. WikiHow, food blogs, any help site can be found for all your questions.

Setting yourself up as the expert, where people come to your site for answers is a great way to generate value for yourself as a leader in your field (essentially your brand).

Rather than spend money trying to reach out and sell to people, making them come to you is the new way of marketing. Being an established source of insight will bring in, or at least cement your reputation beforehand when you reach out for business prospects with other professionals.


Content aimed at Showcasing ‘You’: Priceless

Generating content that illustrates who you are and what you have to offer is great in reaching employers and recruiters. Why?

Employers and recruiters now are hiring based on what they find on social media profiles. Being honest and open in how you showcase your skills, using examples with images to support volunteer work will make easier the recruitment process.

It saves time, and thus money. Hiring staff appreciate being helped, and often simply don’t have the time to go through every little thing, so when they spot one flaw they tend to slash off names.

Here are the benefits of creating content that showcases ‘you.’

  • Content aimed at showcasing who you are, and optimising what you say across all social profiles will establish a consistent image that is authentic and uniform. When you begin to create content within your field of interest or expertise, aimed to help your target audience group, core benefit is derived.
  • You will establish yourself as an expert, or at least be knowledgeable of the trends and news of your target industry.
  • You will create that expert image, by the interest you generate in your expertise area.
  • You are viewed as professional in not only what insights you share, but how you maintain an online blog or site. Online brands are the way to establish relationships and credibility, where companies will be impressed by your online activity.


Images and infographics are another rising technique used in highlighting content.

Another big factor, besides the already important ones mentioned, is the future of content marketing. Its importance and relevance are growing as we speak.

  1. Investment is growing between B2B and B2C content marketing, some figures seeing as much as 15% being put aside for digital content marketing. Money is a great trail to see what investments are being seen as important.
  2. Personalization is what works. Having a personalised and unique site or profile, with insightful and helpful information was far more effective than mass produced generic websites.
  3. Ever growing technology helps create new and more effective ways to cater to audiences. It includes content aimed solely for mobile smartphones, highlighting the increasing consumption of information on our favourite mobiles.
  4. Now social and content marketing is conjoined and hard to differentiate. Organic growth, whether it be in a following, or in generating traffic is best found in social platforms, and content marketing is well becoming the new way to reach target consumers.
  5. More metrics: It’s easy to test how well your content is doing, given competitors and traffic generated. Figures now can illustrate value generated, put alongside various factors.


Overall, these changes and more will be the best thing content creators could hear. Start now if you aren’t making content in your expertise area, or at least create a brand of yourself.


And here is why.


The increase in investment, and measurable returns on your content and its effectiveness says one thing: It is now a solid technique to hone. Having experience, with a personal blog to showcase yourself would be great also to convey the content marketing skills you gained on the way.

Having a brand decpiting your expertise, and joining it to a company brand creates amazing synergy. You could easily point to the benefits of utilising your brand power, to represent that company. People want to talk to a face, a person, so humanise your brand to up your value.


In Closing

Start now. Investing in content marketing costs you two things: your time and effort. Content marketing blogs focusing on content creation advice have a lot of freebie in terms of images, creating infographics and writing blogs.

And you will learn key skills in how to market yourself through content, which will be an invaluable tool that will help you open doors in your career.


What do you think? What sort of content do you use in your job hunt endeavours?

Please share your insight and examples in the comments below.

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