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Make Social Media Rock Not Hinder Your Job Search

      You’ve heard it all before. Social media is vital to your job search. It affects your professional image online. Your social media profiles inherently influence your ‘brand.’ So what has changed in the job market? Pretty much nothing. Recruiters and employers still use social media as a means of weeding out or choosing job candidates. The only issue here is whether... »

How to Be Memorable and Get Amazing Results for Your Job Hunt

  (Source) Looking up the various guides on how to SEO your online profiles, you start to use keywords and terms heavily.   You are getting a healthy flow of traffic, but still aren’t getting replies to your job applications.   What gives?   Ever hear of personal branding? Content marketing? These are the tools of the trade, the new way companies and individuals are marketing t... »

Open Doors for Your Career with these Top LinkedIn Profile Tips (Part 2)

2. Segment your Experiences   As mentioned before, there has to be clarity when talking about your past experiences. Bad descriptions of your experiences: Confusing fragments of your experiences. Inevitably it will lead to confusion. They won’t know what you are trying to do your career. Using deadpan ‘corporate speak’. It will make your profile sound boring and inhuman. Your profile will be ... »

Open Doors for Your Career with these Top LinkedIn Profile Tips

  (Source)   Is this persona recognisable?   Get some experience, and seek a better role. Move on, and repeat.   Many millennials are stark about their career prospects, and seek new jobs as something to latch onto, in the hopes of gaining an edge in their career. But that isn’t something you want as a career strategy. Creating opportunities that will impact your career big tim... »

5 Steps to Generate Traffic Online To Grasp Job Opportunities

  (Source)   Optimising and making tweaks here and there on your LinkedIn account is one thing, and generating interest in your profile a complete other.   Millennial job seekers, you have to ask yourself this question: am I leveraging social media to draw in traffic and grasp job opportunities?   Am I portraying a brand (i.e. me) that companies and recruiters want to buy into ... »

Top Reasons Why Social Media is Transforming Job Hunting

  (Source)   You apply online. For each job, you angle your resume and cover letter appropriately.   After all, this is the best way to spend your time and effort in your job hunt, right?   Think again. Social media is changing the fundamentals in how you hunt for jobs.   Below are some figures that are telling. Here is the first step in any job hunt strategy when you are ... »

3 Step Guide to Selling Yourself Your Dream Job via Personal Branding

  (Source) Getting a job isn’t easy. Everyone expects you to have experience. “Do you have any internship experience?” Often sound more like “why the hell don’t you have any? Were you lazy, or just not good enough to get one?”   Yes, experience counts. And even if you are chosen amongst the many, and get an internship, gaining valuable experience isn’t always the case. How about selling?... »

List of 4 Top Sins for Personal Branding that Ruin Job Prospects

Employer: Who are you? You: Accounting Bachelor. Employer: Fascinating. I, um, got something pressing to wrap up…       (Source) Conversation deal breakers are what often bites millennial job seekers. You might say, ‘well of course I should tell them what I am aiming towards.’ Employers have thick skin. It’s been built from the tons of profiles they view, reading job title after job... »

4 Obvious yet Essential Tips for New Job Searchers

4 Obvious yet Essential Tips for New Job Searchers

      You may be adding a whole new list of things to do, in 2016. For your job search, often the obvious is missed, and you add more to do on top. The more you do, the better your chances, right?     No. The jobs you dream about will involve bringing clarity, focus and efficiency in getting a task done. Your job search deserves the same degree of professionalism.   S... »

Guide to Creating a Professional Social Image for Amazing Job Opportunities

  Social media will kill your job hunt efforts. Social media will boost your job prospects. All statements are applicable today. And even more so for young millennials searching for a job today.       (Source)   Millennials (myself included) are the generation that made possible social media. It’s now a part of life and how we communicate with our close ones and the world.... »

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