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How to Be Memorable and Get Amazing Results for Your Job Hunt

  (Source) Looking up the various guides on how to SEO your online profiles, you start to use keywords and terms heavily.   You are getting a healthy flow of traffic, but still aren’t getting replies to your job applications.   What gives?   Ever hear of personal branding? Content marketing? These are the tools of the trade, the new way companies and individuals are marketing t... »

5 Steps to Generate Traffic Online To Grasp Job Opportunities

  (Source)   Optimising and making tweaks here and there on your LinkedIn account is one thing, and generating interest in your profile a complete other.   Millennial job seekers, you have to ask yourself this question: am I leveraging social media to draw in traffic and grasp job opportunities?   Am I portraying a brand (i.e. me) that companies and recruiters want to buy into ... »

List of 4 Top Sins for Personal Branding that Ruin Job Prospects

Employer: Who are you? You: Accounting Bachelor. Employer: Fascinating. I, um, got something pressing to wrap up…       (Source) Conversation deal breakers are what often bites millennial job seekers. You might say, ‘well of course I should tell them what I am aiming towards.’ Employers have thick skin. It’s been built from the tons of profiles they view, reading job title after job... »

Rock Your Online Traffic & Career with Visual Content

  (Source) You may have jumped on the bandwagon with the rest of the online world, in showcasing yourself online. For everything today, marketing yourself online to stand out from the crowd is a core way of gaining a competitive edge. You are showcasing your skills, and writing about trending issues in your industry. Yet, you aren’t getting the traffic you’d like. You follow multiple guides b... »

Ways to Boost Your Social Traffic to Explode Your Personal Brand & Career

Everyone wants to move ahead and fast track their career. Do you ever wonder why your career plan is downtrodden? You work on your skills, and polish your knowledge in all aspects of your industry. Nothing seems to give you that boost.   (Source)   Then you should consider sharing your skills and expertise online, to create a personal brand. But using social media specifically to showcas... »

How to Share Your Story Online To Grasp Life Changing Opportunities

Career progression isn’t all about getting a fat paycheque. Millennials now look for the things that give huge payoffs later off in their careers: unique experiences and personal development.   How does one acquire skills & the training that gives them that x factor? Which leads them to roles and positions that give them everything and more?   Referrals and a good recommendation are ... »

How to Grab Companies with Social Media for your Job hunt: 4 Steps

  (Source)   We all use social media to manage our relationships, and have fun. But are you using it to help your job hunt? Do you use social media to generate traffic on your job profiles?   Job seekers, the young millennials of today are loaded with various weapons of choice. Social media is a weapon that is double edged; it gives leverage in its ability to show the world (and emp... »

Let Your Personal Brand Grab You Career Opportunities

  (Source)   Millennials often wonder how much control they have over their career paths. Yes, experience and recommendations grant you some marketability. But ever wonder what else you could be doing? Let’s rephrase the question: what should you be doing for your career? Personal branding.   You need to create content on your industry and experiences. Provide insight, and promote y... »

How To Structure Content to Ignite Your Envisioned Career

How To Structure Content to Ignite Your Envisioned Career

  (Source)   You gain some qualifications. You do the extra hours. But your efforts and plans don’t seem to get you up the ladder as you’d think. It’s a story that happens to the best of us.     Often, we tunnel vision on working on our skills, and go to workshops and take courses on the side. What you need is a way of marketing yourself. Cold calling and recommendations are wa... »

Career Opportunities are Found and Lost on Social Media

  Young millennials like my friends that have a few years under their belts are getting on in their careers. They have hobbies and get togethers outside of work. Having a life outside of work is needed and is awesome as a stress reliever. You need a ‘professional life’ on social media for your career too.       (Source) What millennials in the workforce succumb to i... »

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