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10 New Year Resolutions to Rock Your Career

10 New Year Resolutions to Rock Your Career

    Have you started making your new year resolutions yet? We create many for fitness and make others to try and stop bad habits. But have you given a thought to what plans to make for your career?   You spend most of your waking hours at work. If you are feeling disillusioned or feel that your work is slowly draining your soul away, you need to plan and change. And each new year th... »

These Behaviours and Revelations Will Destroy Your Career

    (Source)   What do you do when you need help on the job? You ask for help. It can be your manager or workmates that give you a helping hand. But you need to be on good terms with everyone to ask and readily receive help and advice.   Relationship building is an essential skill in any career. As you gain more experience and years under your belt, interpersonal skills are see... »

Open Doors for Your Career with these Top LinkedIn Profile Tips (Part 2)

2. Segment your Experiences   As mentioned before, there has to be clarity when talking about your past experiences. Bad descriptions of your experiences: Confusing fragments of your experiences. Inevitably it will lead to confusion. They won’t know what you are trying to do your career. Using deadpan ‘corporate speak’. It will make your profile sound boring and inhuman. Your profile will be ... »

Open Doors for Your Career with these Top LinkedIn Profile Tips

  (Source)   Is this persona recognisable?   Get some experience, and seek a better role. Move on, and repeat.   Many millennials are stark about their career prospects, and seek new jobs as something to latch onto, in the hopes of gaining an edge in their career. But that isn’t something you want as a career strategy. Creating opportunities that will impact your career big tim... »

Not Bargaining Will Haunt You Throughout Your Career

  (Source) Millennials often wonder about that iffy issue in a job interview. It is on the minds of everyone. Should you bring it up at all? If it’s your first job, you should take whatever you get, right? Yes, I am talking about your salary.   It’s that elephant in the room. Employers know it’s there, and so do you. What do you do about it? Bargain. It’s something that employers can tak... »

Rock Your Online Traffic & Career with Visual Content

  (Source) You may have jumped on the bandwagon with the rest of the online world, in showcasing yourself online. For everything today, marketing yourself online to stand out from the crowd is a core way of gaining a competitive edge. You are showcasing your skills, and writing about trending issues in your industry. Yet, you aren’t getting the traffic you’d like. You follow multiple guides b... »

Ways to Boost Your Social Traffic to Explode Your Personal Brand & Career

Everyone wants to move ahead and fast track their career. Do you ever wonder why your career plan is downtrodden? You work on your skills, and polish your knowledge in all aspects of your industry. Nothing seems to give you that boost.   (Source)   Then you should consider sharing your skills and expertise online, to create a personal brand. But using social media specifically to showcas... »

How to Build Relationships to Realise your Career Goals

  Is relationship building a skill you focus on? Do you build relationships for your future career prospects?   Millennials are labelled the flighty, glib and self-centred generation of today. Often coming across as thoughtless in how we sometimes talk, there are advice and techniques to try and connect more naturally with our superiors, the baby boomers.   (Source) Many of us have ... »

Let Your Personal Brand Grab You Career Opportunities

  (Source)   Millennials often wonder how much control they have over their career paths. Yes, experience and recommendations grant you some marketability. But ever wonder what else you could be doing? Let’s rephrase the question: what should you be doing for your career? Personal branding.   You need to create content on your industry and experiences. Provide insight, and promote y... »

How To Structure Content to Ignite Your Envisioned Career

How To Structure Content to Ignite Your Envisioned Career

  (Source)   You gain some qualifications. You do the extra hours. But your efforts and plans don’t seem to get you up the ladder as you’d think. It’s a story that happens to the best of us.     Often, we tunnel vision on working on our skills, and go to workshops and take courses on the side. What you need is a way of marketing yourself. Cold calling and recommendations are wa... »

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