A Career Founded on Mindful Communication and Relationships Featuring Glenn Arnold

A story is great at imparting wisdom on certain facets of life.

Career advice is the same, and people often make choices that have far-reaching impacts on their careers.

I had the pleasure of listening to Glenn Arnold’s story.


Glenn Arnold is the Director of the Arnold Group Australia, a leading recruitment firm that services some of the most dynamic and biggest organisations in Australia. Here is his bio. <BIO & PIC>

Glenn’s recruitment life started when he was studying human resources. He approached a human resources company to look for a role within HR.

After sitting down and talking to the recruiters, he was invited to head a new branch of that company. He did gain a position, but one within recruitment.

Below is his story.


Glenn’s break into recruitment

When I asked what prompted the recruitment company to offer him this position, he said that his experiences up till this point were what impressed the company.

He worked for large multinational corporations, learning how to manage client relationships and the finer points of customer service. Among other things, he gained skills in how to manage staff and relationships in his role, dealing with various stakeholders and professionals in his team.

His role required him to talk to all levels of management, where he regularly talked to managers and CEOs.

In a nutshell, he learned how to communicate with all levels of management and to be confident and comfortable as a communicator. Also, his communication was founded and focused on problem-solving and creating solutions which he found was an effective way of communicating.


Personal growth came from confronting the unfamiliar

You might wonder if this was his career plan all along. It was actually due to his situation and his self-perceived shortcomings that prompted his career path. Glenn told me he was a shy country boy. He saw the limited opportunities around him and saw the need to go out into the world for his career.

He took the chance to travel around the globe. Once he went to France, problems regularly surfaced. Below are some of the challenges he faced:

  • He had to communicate carefully to get his point across and not offend anyone in a country where he didn’t speak the language.
  • He had to think and learn how to organise and do things himself, where he had to deal with problems that popped up.
    Glenn mentioned that his travels influenced his personal growth, where he felt himself maturing when faced with situations outside of his comfort zone. In his words, “I had to grow up and learn to do things by myself”.


Ask and communicate your career needs

When I asked him how he found opportunities, he stated that he simply asked. When he saw something he wanted, he would be upfront about it and ask the right people for opportunities. He discovered two valuable lessons from openly asking for opportunities.


One, be proactive. Chances can be often given to you if you are willing to ask. The worst that can happen is being told no.

Two, you need to be mindful of others. Being given opportunities over other senior staff members created some friction. His way of communication when he was younger was to push across his message and jump to tackle the next issue at hand. Though he brought opportunities to himself and his colleagues, in hindsight he could have been a bit more considerate in how he communicated with his fellow professionals.

What he learnt was that you need to be mindful and care about how you communicate. People interpret things differently. You have to express yourself clearly and consider other people’s points of view.


Mindful relationship building is crucial

Glenn placed a significant emphasis on building and managing relationships. Not just any, but building the right relationships for the right reasons was a big factor in his career.

Tying into what was mentioned before, you must be mindful of others. In his role now, he has a lot of staff working for him. He knows that if he doesn’t communicate clearly, and consider how he comes across people may interpret things wrongly and even become upset. It’s about being considerate and knowing no one individual or group of people are the same.

Thinking about the needs of others will allow you to cut out misunderstanding and conflict when you communicate so that you can work effectively together.


Lastly, Glenn shares some tips millennials can take on to help them in their careers.


Glenn’s career tips for millennials

Again, build good relationships and be conscious of how and with whom you network.

Your reputation matters as a professional. And that is why you need to be aware of what sort of image you project in your social media accounts and networking activities.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. In life, sometimes we do silly things with friends and make mistakes; it’s all part of enjoying life.
But be wary of what can be found online about you. Your credibility and reputation can be ruined if you aren’t conscious of how others view you. It can be simply one image. But that image will be taken out of context and can be interpreted negatively. They don’t know the behind story or context of what happened, so chances are people will make their own assumptions about your character.


Think of how other employers and companies think. “This person likes to post explicit content of themselves online. That isn’t someone we want representing our brand name.”

By the same token, network with others that are considerate of others and conscious of their reputation.


Lastly, be mindful of everyone around you. When I was young, like many younger generations, I wanted to move up fast and take on bigger challenges. Going at such a fast pace meant I probably wasn’t as mindful of how others viewed my words and actions.

Relationships are vital and being conscious of how you come across is critical in building good relationships.


Thanks Glenn for sharing your story. Check out the Arnold Group Australia on their homepage, to find out more about Glenn and his organisation at www.arnoldgroup.com.au/.


What did you think? How do you communicate and manage your relationships?

Please share your insight and views in the comments below.

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