4 Obvious yet Essential Tips for New Job Searchers


keyboard - 4 Obvious yet Essential Tips for New Job Searchers



You may be adding a whole new list of things to do, in 2016.

For your job search, often the obvious is missed, and you add more to do on top.

The more you do, the better your chances, right?



No. The jobs you dream about will involve bringing clarity, focus and efficiency in getting a task done. Your job search deserves the same degree of professionalism.


So what needs to happen?

First off, you need to break out of what didn’t work for you. And most likely, it’ll be those clichéd pieces of advice everyone follows.

Secondly, stop beating around the bush and be clear about what you want. That means you need to make obvious what you can offer, and communicate this to recruiters and employers.

Below are the clichéd techniques you need to scrap, and what you can do to bring clarity and results in your job search.


Spamming resumes into online black holes


Finding job adverts online and following all the instructions like a good kid won’t do you any favours. No matter how many jobs you apply for online, all you are doing is throwing your resume into the huge black hole recruiter’s call “candidate resumes”.

You will be waiting for quite a while for even a rejection email if they bother to send one. What you need to do is jump the gun and contact directly the hiring manager. Talking directly to someone helps you get your point straight across.

And if you can, contact someone that will be a supervisor in the role you want. They will know exactly the tasks involved. If you can effectively communicate how you can meet expectations, a job offer is more than likely to be made.


Using corporate drone terms


“Excellent communicator and team player.”

“Able to meet and overcome target sales figures.”

Buzzwords and statements taken straight out of templates aren’t doing you any favours if you use them in your job search profiles and resumes. You sound like another corporate drone, with as much personality as a piece of cardboard.

Use “I” and speak about yourself, show a bit of personality. Be descriptive in your summaries, and share a glimpse of who you are as a person. To be noticed, simply be yourself. Bring clarity in the language you use, and express yourself, whether it be your values or quirks.
If you use all the safe and expected phrases in your interview answers and professional documents, it will look acted out and fake. Be yourself, to leave a memorable impression in your resume and interviews. Act human, show your personality.


Sounding needy and greedy in interviews


It’s one thing to show you are passionate about a role. Passion is great, but pushing how much you want a job, how fantastic it is and what a great fit you would be is plain annoying. And childish.

Of course they know. You applied, didn’t you? No one thinks highly of someone that begs and inflates themselves to the point of exploding in job interviews.

Rather, ask questions backed by research. Seek to know about the role and culture of the company. Remember, the interview is also a chance to find out if the company and job fit you as well. Your insightful questions will convey your genuine interest, not begging and pleading.


“Is there any reason that would make you reconsider hiring me?”


For interviews, this question has had a lot of popularity. The reasoning behind this tactic is to remove any misconceptions, and promptly have a reply ready to reassure interviewers of any lingering doubts they may have about offering you a job.

It ruins the mood. The person interviewing you has a ton of applicants to go through, and criteria to sort through.

Thanking someone after an interview will leave a lasting impression. It will remind them of who you are and convey that you are thoughtful and professional. How quickly you send a thank you note, and the quality of it will make you memorable candidate.


Still not updating your LinkedIn status


You most probably Tweet, like, comment and post pictures on your choice social media platform. Your LinkedIn needs as much love in your job search strategy.

LinkedIn isn’t something you craft once to perfection. It’s not a sculpture, but rather a live feed picture of your activities. Consistently updating your LinkedIn profile will lure recruiters to see what the new shiny stuff you have to showcase. According to bufferapp, posting images and links in your updates boosts your engagement by 98% & 200% respectively.


Final Thoughts


Be yourself and personalise your approach to your job search. Think of how you would woo someone you like. Would you stick to boring small talk and typical clichéd answers?

You would ask about them, share your crazy stories and establish a personal connection. Be yourself and humanise your job search strategy. Job offers are provided to humans, people, and not corporate drones.


What do you think? What got you results in your job search?

Please share your insight and stories in the comment below.

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