3 Ways to Come Up with Content to Sky Rocket Your Job Hunt



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Do you create content to be seen as an expert in your industry?

Are you creating content to lure in employers to you in your job hunt?

Creating content: Is the most effective way to connect and grab attention in today’s market, touted by leaders and expert alike.


LinkedIn is the most used platform for B2B content creation and distribution. Creating content that is useful and insightful is sought after by 60% of users, according to LinkedIn. Aiming at strategizing content to your particular industry is imperative, if you want to create awareness of yourself as an expert in your field and create those dream job opportunities.

Knowledge is one thing, but how does one come up with content?

There are two main strategies to create topics of interest.


1. Look up trending and buzzing ideas

Issues that are hot or trending are areas that you can focus on, within your target industry.

Autofill Suggestion Topics

A good way to start is by using the autocomplete suggestions that come up in most popular search engines. Type in the subject, i.e. ‘marketing…’ and see the suggested autofill phrases, which pop up as they are the most searched terms. Try varying the sentence of phrase around for a different approach.

Hot Social Media Trends

Search up the top companies in your industry, and see what they are talking about on social media.

Look up their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account, and see what is hot and popular. Often, leading companies will have their experts project expected results from the introduction of new technologies and practices.

Leaders & Experts: Shadow Their Online Activity

Thought leaders and experts today often have blogs and social media platforms that have insightful information on what is the next big thing in their industry.

Be ahead by keeping up and following the leaders in your industry. Their expertise and experience give credence to what they say is important or will be in the future.

Strategy of Giving what is Wanted

Overall, by keeping on top of what is hot and trending, and focusing on it, you will have good content topics. What is popular and important to the above parties are essentially what the consumers of content want and are consuming.

You don’t have to create something groundbreaking. Simply give your target audience what they want.


2. Experience Based Topics

Another way of creating content topics is by looking at your experiences, or that of others. Look into yourself, there are plenty of topics hidden away. Ask yourself these questions:

What makes you excited about your industry?

For those still hunting for a job, think up specific reasons why you want to work in a particular industry. Does the reason highlight your specific take on that industry, or does it highlight your greatest strengths or skillsets?

Aim to be specific, as the more specific you are, the easier it is to create an interesting angle.

Broad topic: Training is increasing in industries.

Specifically angled topic: Training in leadership and mentorship is on the rise. Millennials, the new workforce of today are jumping ship seeking training, motivating industries to increase spending on training.

How did you start out in your niche/industry?

For those that are yet to get their first job in their industry of choice, think of top reasons why other experts and leaders chose the same industry as you.

Other questions can be divided into one big category, success.

The rest is up to you.

How does success look like? What are the rewards?

Who are the most successful people in your industry? Can you think of, or give a success story? Were there big failures that lead up to success? Everyone loves a success story, so paint the path that leaders took in your industry.

Are there any personal traits or skills that lead to success in that industry? Make subjects like these personal, as stories relating to personal struggles and achievements connect with audiences on a personal level.

What are the best practices in your industry, and what tools are best used to get results? Look up the required skills, and best traits and practices to follow to be successful in your industry.

What are the top trends in your industry and emerging changes?

Aim to be relevant and on track on any breakthroughs or major changes in your industry of interest, as these are topics that will always be hot.

Here is how you create topics.


3. How then do you go about making topics for blogs or article pieces?

Firstly, make a habit of writing down your ideas on paper or your gadgets. It decreases the chance of great ideas being forgotten and gives clarity to certain topics, as writing them down cement ideas and points to further areas of inspiration and improvement.


Create habits for success. Have the best conditions possible so that you can work well. Whether it be a quiet room, or during twilight hours, let yourself work in the best environment possible.

And do this habitually, and begin to associate these things as part of your life by reinforcing it regularly.

Tip: Have a time limit, say 20 minutes to ask yourself questions like the above, and generate 20 topics.


Time limits force yourself to concentrate, but putting yourself in places or situations where you have nothing but work to do is also a huge help.

Do what works best for you.

Here are some more tips to do with writing and optimising your content.

Angles to be different

While writing up topics, be as specific as possible. Being specific gives your topic an angle that is not only interesting but insightful. Having a particular angle differentiate you from the general guides that are the majority of content available online.

Annotate and manage your topics

You may find the topics you generated could be lined up in different ways. Three topics could be written as a three-piece funnel, in that they complement each other.

Keywords to Capture

Be strategic in adding in popular search terms to your topics, to pop up in search results. Often, being found is half the battle.

Headlines: Grab the Attention of your Viewers.

The other half of the battle are headlines. Topics can often be broken into headlines easily and having a headline that grasps attention is imperative. Readers will take a few seconds to judge whether your headline is interesting enough to make the effort and click your article.

In Closing

Coming up with topics to write about is just the start. Content is created and consumed in many ways, but there are a few core rules you should follow.

Creating areas of interest that is relevant to what is popular and trending and to personal experience is the formula for success.

It only takes half an hour of your time. Create these topics with the aim of being in the ‘know’. You will be on the path of being recognized as an expert in your dream industry.

What sort of content do you use in your job hunt? What worked for you?

Please share your insight below in the comments.

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