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15 Interview Questions You Must Ace to Land Your Next Job

    Freshly pressed business shirt? Check. Multiple resume copies? Check. Interview questions prep? Check? Interviews are nerve-wracking enough. You do your best to look great and calm your nerves. You go early and wait those extra 15 minutes as if you are at the dentist with a sensitive tooth to pull out. And the worst thing that can happen is when your interviewer throws a curveball qu... »

Make Social Media Rock Not Hinder Your Job Search

      You’ve heard it all before. Social media is vital to your job search. It affects your professional image online. Your social media profiles inherently influence your ‘brand.’ So what has changed in the job market? Pretty much nothing. Recruiters and employers still use social media as a means of weeding out or choosing job candidates. The only issue here is whether... »

4 Key HR Trends to Watch for in 2018

    Technology the disruptor? We have seen it happen so much that is has become almost cliched. Online travel agents are dominating accommodation bookings. Uber anyone? When you shop, Google will have search suggestions for different products. Google even sends you small pop up alerts when products you browsed go on sale. Human resources have begun to experience this disruption, in the s... »

Smash these 4 Obstacles Killing Your Job Search

      You apply and apply, yet never seem to get through to recruiters and companies. The online forms and questions they ask of you are strange and entirely at odds with the job description. You lament the whole process. Yes, recruitment is often an over convoluted process, where it takes ages for companies to say ‘no’ to you. This frustration is justified, as no recruitment proces... »