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Guide to Creating a Professional Social Image for Amazing Job Opportunities

  Social media will kill your job hunt efforts. Social media will boost your job prospects. All statements are applicable today. And even more so for young millennials searching for a job today.       (Source)   Millennials (myself included) are the generation that made possible social media. It’s now a part of life and how we communicate with our close ones and the world.... »

Top Ways to Be Professional Using Social Media to Find Your Dream Job

  (Source)   Millennials starting out that treacherous road of job hunting, beware of social media. We are the generation that has suckled it from childhood to now. And of course, we are the most technologically adept generation to date with social media and the online world. Be complacent at your own risk. Despite knowing what each tab does, and how to snap and edit a photo that looks l... »

Know Companies to Know Your Career Prospects Featuring James Smith

Know Companies to Know Your Career Prospects Featuring James Smith

How is your career progressing? You may have lots of New Year resolutions along the lines of, “It’s about time I took my career by the throat!” A good start is by looking at how organisations are behaving towards millennials. To start you off, hear what this seasoned recruitment manager had to say.   I had the pleasure of interviewing James Smith. He is the Recruitment Manager at mp personnel... »

Rock Your Online Traffic & Career with Visual Content

  (Source) You may have jumped on the bandwagon with the rest of the online world, in showcasing yourself online. For everything today, marketing yourself online to stand out from the crowd is a core way of gaining a competitive edge. You are showcasing your skills, and writing about trending issues in your industry. Yet, you aren’t getting the traffic you’d like. You follow multiple guides b... »

Ways to Boost Your Social Traffic to Explode Your Personal Brand & Career

Everyone wants to move ahead and fast track their career. Do you ever wonder why your career plan is downtrodden? You work on your skills, and polish your knowledge in all aspects of your industry. Nothing seems to give you that boost.   (Source)   Then you should consider sharing your skills and expertise online, to create a personal brand. But using social media specifically to showcas... »

How to Build Relationships to Realise your Career Goals

  Is relationship building a skill you focus on? Do you build relationships for your future career prospects?   Millennials are labelled the flighty, glib and self-centred generation of today. Often coming across as thoughtless in how we sometimes talk, there are advice and techniques to try and connect more naturally with our superiors, the baby boomers.   (Source) Many of us have ... »

How to Share Your Story Online To Grasp Life Changing Opportunities

Career progression isn’t all about getting a fat paycheque. Millennials now look for the things that give huge payoffs later off in their careers: unique experiences and personal development.   How does one acquire skills & the training that gives them that x factor? Which leads them to roles and positions that give them everything and more?   Referrals and a good recommendation are ... »